Strato Emulator Apk v1 Download (Latest Version)

Download the free latest version of Strato emulator Apk for Android mobile phones and tablets. Play Nintendo Switch games on your smartphone or tablet using Strato emulator.

About Strato Emulator:

Strato is an experimental emulator that emulates the functionality of a Nintendo Switch™ system and runs on ARMv8 Android™ devices, Under Mozilla Public License 2.0. You can play Switch games on your Android device using this emulator.

Download Strato Emulator Apk – New Nintendo Switch Emulator For Android

Strato Emulator

App Name: Strato EmulatorFile Type: ApkVersion: v1 (Latest)File Size: 25MB

Older Versions:File Size:Download Links:
Strato_base.apk25MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Strato Test 2.apk25MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Strato Skyline 2 Unsigned Release.apk25MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Strato 36 Unsigned Release.apk25MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):-

Q1. What is Strato ?

Ans. Under Lynx’s leadership, Strato is the Android continuation of the Skyline switch emulator.

Q2. Are Mark and Billy developing Strato as well ?

Ans. No, They may occasionally serve as consultants, but they are not actively developing Strato.

Q3. Then, who is developing Strato ?

Ans. The Lead developer of Strato is Lynx.

Q4. What’s gonna happen to the Skyline server ?

Ans. The Skyline emulator is shifting towards a new project that would enable PC video games to be played on mobile devices (namely, Android devices).

Q5. Does Strato have a Patreon ?

Ans. It won’t right away, but it will eventually.

Q6. Is Strato open-source ?

Ans. It is, yes. Its repository can be found here: Strato 7 can be found at

Q7. Is there an ETA for the next release ?

Ans. No. Also, please do not request them. New builds will be released when they’re prepared. No, we have no idea when they will be ready. Please do not request an ETA once more.

Q8. Does Strato have Discord Server ?

Ans. Yes, they have

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