Download SwitchDroid Folder For Egg NS v4.2.3 (Latest Version)

During setting up the Egg NS Emulator on your Android Smartphone or tablet, there is a requirement for the SwitchDroid folder that is utilized by the Egg NS Nintendo Change Emulator to store and access the necessary files needed to emulate the switch ROMs.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to download the SwitchDroid folder for your Egg NS emulator.

What is the “SwitchDroid” Folder For Egg NS Emulator?

Egg NS is a Nintendo Switch for Android devices. Additionally, the Egg NS emulator uses the “SwitchDroid” folder on your Android device to store and access data and files related to the emulator.

Files and data about the emulator as well as the games or applications it is running are frequently stored in their folder or directory. Files like game saves, configuration files, or other data that the emulator needs to work properly may be in this folder.

Click Here To Download: Egg NS Emulator APK (Latest Version)

Download SwitchDroid Folder For Egg NS Emulator v4.2.3 (Latest Version)

SwitchDroid Folder For EGG NS Emulator v4.2.3

Folder Name: SwitchDroid FolderFile Type: Compressed (zipped) Folder (.zip)Version: v4.2.3 (Latest)Size: 425MB

Note: Please choose the downloading server above and click on the download link button to download the latest Extract using a zip extractor/software to get the SwitchDroid Folder for Egg NS Emulator, Which includes the most recent version of Firmware and the latest Prod Keys, Title Keys, and latest Egg NS emulator Drivers.

Older Versions:Size:Download Links:
SwitchDroid Folder v4.2.0425MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
SwitchDroid Folder v4.1.9425MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire

Download SwitchDroid Folder v17.0.0 For Egg NS Emulator

SwitchDroid Folder v17.0.0 Download

Folder Name: SwitchDroidFile Type: Compressed (zipped) Folder (.zip)Version: v17.0.0 Keys & Firmware Included (Latest)Size: 440MB
Note: To Download The Latest File, Which Includes The Most Recent Firmware (v17.0.0) And The Latest Prod.Keys and Title.Keys (v16.0.2), Please Click On The Download Links Below.

Google DriveDownload

Note: Download and extract the “” file to get the SwitchDroid folder, which you’ll need for the Egg NS emulator and setup on your Android device, by clicking the link above.

Latest Files and Folders Inside SwitchDroid

  • keys v17.0.0
  • Firmware v17.0.0
  • load
  • nand
  • sdmc
  • cache
  • config
  • drives (Latest)
  • dump

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the device requirements for SwitchDroid EGG NS?

It requires a compatible high-end Android device with a minimum snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM. Your device should have an updated Android version (android 11 or newer).

Q2. Is there an Egg NS Emulator for iOS?

Not yet. There’s only an Android application available at this moment.

Q3. Do you need a controller for EGG NS?

With the latest update, the EGG NS Emulator no longer requires any type of particular switch or controller and offers a touch controller on your device.

Q4. Is EGG NS available offline?

Unfortunately not. Games are available online only.

Q5. Can I play multiplayer on EGG NS?

Several games are now playable online in multiplayer mode. A few days back only a handful of them were available on multiplayer.

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  1. Thanks for your are doing great.please which of the switchdriod folder do you the one for v4.2.0 or the one with v16.i want to know which of this is current cos my eggnes emulator is at v4.2.1.thanks


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