PS3 Firmware 4.90 Download For RPCS3 (Latest Version)

Firmware 4.90 is the new firmware available for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) platform firmware, which allows the user to play games on their PC using RPCS3 emulation software. This update includes various improvements, bug fixes, and new features to help make that possible.

Users can update to the latest firmware and thus ensure that their emulators have the best overall performance and are compatible with the greatest possible number of games. Also, it might include security patches and stability improvements to help the user’s system run safely and securely.

In this blog post, we have the latest version of PS3 Firmware For PS3 Emulators such as RPCS3. Download and Install/Update RPCS3 Firmware update using ps3update.pup file.

What is PS3 Firmware?

To put it simply, PS3’s firmware is like the engine of your PS3. This is the indispensable software that puts everything through its paces, from turning the machine on to executing games and going online. Just think of it like the operating system on your phone, or as if it were a PlayStation 3 part.

Firmware isn’t just the stuff you can stare at in Windows. This is in addition to drivers and other low-level code that runs everywhere. This keeps the separate elements of your PS3 talking to each other and allows your console to function properly.

To sum up, without the lifeblood of firmware, your console is like a patient without an organ. It keeps things up-to-date, continually improving the function and expanding the capabilities. The aim is simple give you the best possible games and entertainment experience.

What is RPCS3?

With RPCS3, anyone who wants to experience the golden age of the PlayStation 3 again can now do it on their PC. The emulator is open source so that you can run all of the games and software directly on your computer, simply bypassing the console.

Consider it a virtual PS3 that can be installed on your PC. That then takes the instructions that are specific to the PlayStation 3’s special hardware and turns them into something your own PC can handle. The possibilities are nearly limitless, from running your own favorite games to experimenting with home-grown applications and even gaming in debug mode.

Although not all PS3 games are playable at flawless or native speed, RPCS3 already has a massive list of supported games that continue to grow by the day. With the right hardware and setup, however, games like Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Persona 5 can be run extremely smoothly. Even for those who do not mind minor glitches or low performance, the knowledge that games can be played on PC brings into play great possibilities such as mods and save states.

PlayStation 3 System Software Update

The latest version of the PS3 Firmware was released on February 28 of this year.

You will need a PlayStation 3 Hard Disk Drive space of 200MB or so (or removable storage media if you select PC Update) to download the update.

It also requires always keeping its software and firmware up-to-date. This upgrade will come complete with better capabilities, enhanced usability, and a higher level of security.

Note: Also, you should remind yourself never to shut off your PlayStation 3, and not to pull the cord out of the power box while it is being upgraded.

Update Using Internet

From the Internet, download the updated data directly to the system.

The latest version update is downloaded by default.

  1. Check to see that your PlayStation 3 is online.
  2. Select “Settings” from the PlayStation 3 Menu.
  3. System Update” can be found in the menu.
  4. Select “Yes” to start the update process if the latest update is available.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the PS3 update process.

Update Using PC/Computer

On your PC, you can download the latest firmware in this post which will contain the PS3UPDAT.PUP file.

You will need to extract the file to a folder on your computer because it will be compressed.

Here are some easy steps:

  1. Create a folder on a USB flash drive named “PS3” (all caps).
  2. Inside the “PS3” folder, create another folder named “UPDATE” (all caps).
  3. Copy the extracted PS3 system software update file (named PS3UPDAT.PUP) to the “UPDATE” folder on the USB flash drive.
  4. Connect the USB flash drive to your PS3.
  5. On your PS3, go to the “Settings” menu and select “System Update.”
    Select “Update via Storage Media.”

The USB flash drive’s update file should be recognized by the system. To finish the update, just follow the on-screen directions.

How To Re-install PS3 Console System Software/PS3 Firmware

  1. You can download any PS3 Firmware you need right here.
  2. Create a folder on a USB flash drive with the name “PS3” (all caps) and connect it to your computer.
  3. Create a new folder with all capital letters in the “PS3” folder.
  4. Move the PS3 system software update file, which is called PS3UPDAT.PUP, that you downloaded onto the USB flash drive.
  5. Connect the USB flash drive to your PlayStation 3 in a secure manner.
    Go to the “Settings” menu on your PS3.
  6. “Update via Storage Media” should be selected next to “System Update.”
  7. The USB flash drive’s update file should be recognized by the system. To finish the installation, follow the on-screen instructions.

The installation will cause your PS3 to reboot several times. The most crucial point is to remember not to turn off your PS3 or unplug it during the installation process. After the installation is complete, you can turn on your PS3 and go about things as normal.

How To Install PS3 Firmware on RPCS3 (Video Guide):

PS3 Firmware 4.90 Download & RPCS3 Installation Guide

PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.90 Download (Latest Version)

System Software Name:PS3 Firmware
Filed in:System Updates
File Size:190MB
Latest Update:28 February, 2023
System/Console:PlayStation 3
What’s New for 4.90:This System Software Update Improves System Performance.

Official PS3 Firmware Update For PlayStation 3 and PS3 Emulators (RPCS3)

Version:MD5 Hash:File Size:Download Links:
Firmware 4.9005fe32f5dc8c78acbcd84d36ee7fdc5b196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.8995307e1b51d3bcc33a274db91488d29f196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.88a0b63a3e4ae92ed176d6b9a67ce447f0196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.8703373a581934f0d2b796156d2fb28b39196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.86cf9cb4ba53a83ad557501417837c8de9196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.85c975768e5d70e105a72656f498cc9be9196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.84da485a99e39105b2ccffa5af59f82221196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.8369b4529fd584523cf37e6d29107b9a8b196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.82152d950c365ede4130c53ceb18dcd43b196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.81b2483b4abc157494447c9c409c036041196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.802c7ac82e02db9ce396618e6644a8c52d196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.78fd767e12d7a9f8288c277ee00704256c196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.76bf0563dc7d3450945d080a15a64d876d196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.7502c72e559533abde0add6850aadcfb34196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.706e858cb2037a6db8fdfb0b04665256f1196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.66eb6e53673d92c9791cc9be64b0411378196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.658c5c36958ba5faacdc6e477797c051b8196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.600bbfec941b00ca88fdc777182ff95dfe196MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.5515048b78cd1f7635ef0796fe42727ce2194MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.536edd8792c2659102026003bc8a93534e194MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.50e3decaf8beef0abc8f7999f66de05af9194MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.466085b02c415ec912fab4670d7957db68194MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.45e6d82c8201d5d528095221bb7034ffa7194MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.41a2fba1bf2362f1b41737a69dd2433f00194MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.401b6a1cb5a909325a7f5ed949e8cc57cb194MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.3170067a427e003e892ef81a0fca04eb1d192MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.307e99b978582026df83ad7224ffa8c8d0192MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.25a35b7e74015408e463d15fd66a245929192MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.2131f890bd9e75deed773c29e51e56a4b9192MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.2010c273d5390aa318986e81c6f3746b27192MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.117e6dbb1708ab1df66f0a0f0e2987e8f4189MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.102c3671d071279b4f4b4d07e7166eaf38189MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 4.0052419374ba45a3d4a2b2dface2594140180MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.74d2bfa473a2ab1c0ff33cd7e452a11684256MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.73077a6a0a9abf3622373e3daa53f3ec70185MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.72c7d179d273699c2e5d53e401264828f3185MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.707ee6b91bbd07dde1e65a0681de66745b185MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.66f4cbe2651e9a0c6115028043bdc2c5dd178MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.653001e6becbea7abf30fc35a7819c4478178MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.61f446810aabec0af1340c02d852e4118c177MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.6091ee193a2fa921a6fce780fc40236e3b177MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.56 v22a52196399a4b96ea568aafa65d1a27e176MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.56 v16e070c96e0464e993aaf9deac3660863176MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.55ca595ad9f3af8f1491d9c9b6921a8c61170MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.500215e26d1dadeb950471a9c3397a140a169MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.426ba866514589155ab094099a9f358ffd167MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.41 v2e07d2b84c9e9691c261b73e5f1aada20167MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.41 v100c835be718fc3d5f793e130a2b74217167MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.4088b2f8d458119f666c97d893c17201cd167MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.306bdf1b2409d705a0136c40746c62e85d166MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.213a08ef6164a7770ae3e7d5b9f366437a164MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.16f4c191ffba72e008bc750b091219e1f6163MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.1554ee80e14e479f8351a988eb9a472072163MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.1070296b36d559e35752ae6efd04f702c0159MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.016d956116eb5094564359339f60650f56153MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 3.00c049de7a6a4b03d53e7f9fde04e0fc08153MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.80d69362743142953be7cb44a5fd5cc888142MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.76d6856f234f3066b94dc88ab430a63bfb142MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.703352adc32e39ec5f7b4cdeb8b861052a142MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.60043067d8624040f9f3f1a8dc2e662bce138MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.535b0e9d62ff6e9edc796db9a2916824f0137MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.52e9cd7c268667ee695a708bf00c6853d8137MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.50823ab63c96d570510b254a80755df446137MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.43da62cbc7eafde9f6792b8a76a4aef004130MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.4260a6c36e2dd2000b3fda3205428665dc130MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.4167c660325b0b97acdeda6c0913dc1f74130MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.4096e9def601672c5abcbb4604bb2346f1130MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.360274382cb3e21aa90e319eba358588c6125MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.35db48cbcde359982c065c2f5503204b67124MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.30dd2e675fce5d2eb28ca93bc32edb3de6124MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.20d33eb3ef5721bc940ca29b4c80b96bde121MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.17b859ca0f15fe9516d85fd0d89444ac5b119MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.1673fe70e0198b80f01525b6b72774af25256MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.1008393f1bd8e91589c95837142caf0a58119MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.011d8e69249aa1a5593307cf7d8ca8a331118MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 2.00f9df10bb57cdeeef8395c39415f54965118MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.94f172f9bd37ca3e779dfaaf20ebfe632b256MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.939c95692d4dd1c1e17c2b0ce5dcaebba1119MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.920f99147438936578951dd9d3f514000a119MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.90bcefc8569ae4c2f4b7c09fd52f728c02119MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.8225de800491e8e88104d7e30b7524e9dc110MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.81b81fe78b163b62ce8983ad990306fe57110MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.80fd9887626f734b46b271aec58e827cb2110MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.70468238974943b45c09aeb632853401f2106MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.603a5f49bcee3948301aa698ed57ecb10e104MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.54891bf61f56808119c4968ac3a910154099MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.51afd01d9c72b3b69c03a0206c45d87dda99MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.509d7f3830fb3082febf303bd0ce2f17c999MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.32c4b08159eaa9fce111e076fb255aa10697MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.31602a1373cf1845d56348698d7037ab1b97MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.30d2c1aa63e55f5eb74e9846112d843f2b97MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.118b6b4fb0a5fdd68bf85f02d4f6a0f09689MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.10374371771ad1608d0684c4d588440f0b98MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 1.02da5438f39b3b6e5ef904d91162d9308690MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire

Final Thoughts

PS3’s 4.90 is the most recent official firmware, and it holds great promise for RPCS3 users. Especially considering increased compatibility and possible speed enhancements for certain games, it seems worth a try.

For both veteran RPCS3 players and newcomers, firmware 4.90 is just the beginning of a door opening to revisiting old classics, delving into homebrew, and seeing what new limits can be reached in emulation. Fire up your PC, download the firmware, and prepare to relive that amazing period in time for the PlayStation 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the 4.90 PS3 Firmware bring?

The latest firmware brings Improved System Performance, Enhanced Security, and Updated Blu-ray Player Encryption Keys.

Q2. Does it still have the thermal issue after the latest upgrade?

This appears to arise mostly from hardware issues. You should pay attention to keeping your PS3 free from dust, and when the temperature rises, keep the console off for some time.

If you have issues that persist you may be better off contacting Sony, you can find the information here.

Q3. How much storage is needed for the PS3 Firmware 4.90?

To download the update a minimum free space of 200 MB is needed on either the HDD or on removable storage media.

Q4. Can I upgrade my PS3 to the latest firmware without an internet connection?

If you already have the latest firmware downloaded to your PC you can simply install it on your PS3 by following the steps mentioned in this post.

Q5. When was the PS3 Firmware 4.90 released?

PS3 system software update 4.90 was released on the 28th of February this year.

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