The main events in the world of esports and sports over the past month

In both esports and traditional sports, there has been a period of numerous matches and various tournaments recently. For example, the Euro 2024 football championship is currently underway, with some teams already exiting the tournament. 

The International 2024 Qualifiers Summary

Meanwhile, the participants for The International 2024 have been determined as the qualifiers for the tournament concluded. In esports, there’s a brief pause before the storm, as dota ti 2024, League of Legends Worlds, and VALORANT Champions 2024 in August are on the horizon.

Here are the qualified teams for the Dota 2 TI 2024:

  • Team Spirit – Direct Invitation
  • MENA Team Falcons – Direct Invitation
  • China Xtreme Gaming – Direct Invitation
  • Sweden Team Liquid – Direct Invitation
  • Europe Gaimin Gladiators – Direct Invitation
  • BetBoom Team – Direct Invitation
  • Europe Entity – 1st place Western Europe Qualifier
  • Europe Tundra Esports – 2nd place Western Europe Qualifier
  • 1win – Eastern Europe Qualifier Winner
  • China Team Zero – 1st place China Qualifier
  • China G2.iG – 2nd place China Qualifier
  • Malaysia Talon Esports – 1st place Southeast Asia Qualifier
  • Thailand Aurora – 2nd place Southeast Asia Qualifier
  • North America nouns – North America Qualifier Winner
  • South America HEROIC – 1st place South America Qualifier
  • Peru beastcoast – 2nd place South America Qualifier

BLAST Spring Final 2024 CS2 Results

 The BLAST Spring Final tournament saw Team Spirit, not typically in the top ranks, showcase outstanding skills and diligent training. They demonstrated their mastery by defeating Natus Vincere in the grand final and claiming victory in the tournament.

In contrast, Astralis, initially predicted to perform well this season, showed disappointing results, confirming a decline in form and struggles against stronger opponents. Overall, the tournament was spectacular and highly engaging. Many matches ended with unexpected results, leaving audiences thoroughly satisfied.

VCT 2024: Masters Shanghai VALORANT Tournament Results

Gen.G Esports emerged as the champions of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Shanghai tournament. In the grand final, the South Korean team Gen.G secured victory over Team Heretics with a score of 3:2 (Breeze – 13:6, Icebox – 9:13, Ascent – 9:13, Lotus – 13:4, Split – 13:3).

For winning VCT 2024: Masters Shanghai, Gen.G earned $350,000. Team Heretics received $200,000, while G2 Esports took third place with $125,000. This tournament, held from May 23 to June 9, featured 12 teams competing for a prize pool of $1 million. The next major VALORANT tournament will take place in Seoul, South Korea, in August — VALORANT Champions 2024.

Historic Victory for Georgia Over Portugal and Other Euro 2024 Sensations

The Euro 2024 championship has seen a series of significant events, notably Georgia’s surprising victory over Portugal. In what will be remembered as a historic moment in Tbilisi, Georgia’s national football team defied expectations to advance in the playoffs, sparking celebrations that continued late into the night. Considered newcomers to the European championship and initially seen as underdogs, Georgia made a strong statement early in their match against Portugal. Star player Khvicha Kvaratskhelia scored in the second minute, setting the tone for an intense match. Later, Georges Mikautadze extended their lead with a successful penalty kick in the 57th minute, solidifying Georgia’s victory.

French national team coach Sanol praised Georgia’s performance, highlighting the pressures faced by traditional football powerhouses like France, England, Spain, and Portugal. He contrasted the high expectations placed on these teams with Georgia’s ability to play without the burden of such expectations.

For Portugal, already assured of progressing to the playoffs, the defeat was unexpected and particularly challenging for star player Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite Ronaldo’s record-breaking assists, he and his team faced an unexpected setback against Georgia. Nevertheless, the customary jersey exchange between Ronaldo and Georgian players took place, acknowledging the spirit of sportsmanship amidst competition. In addition to Georgia’s triumph, Austria made headlines by topping their group for the first time in history, defeating the Netherlands. Meanwhile, traditional favorites such as Italy, England, and France showed mixed performances during the group stages but secured their spots in the next round.

Germany, the tournament hosts under Julian Nagelsmann, started strong with a convincing 5-1 victory over Scotland and a late equalizer against Switzerland, securing their leadership in the group. The German team is now preparing to face Denmark in what promises to be a highly anticipated matchup. As Euro 2024 unfolds, these unexpected outcomes underscore the unpredictability and excitement of international football tournaments. Georgia’s victory over Portugal stands as a testament to football’s ability to surprise and inspire, showcasing the depth of talent and determination in European football. In summary, the Georgia-Portugal match will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the defining moments of Euro 2024, alongside Austria’s unprecedented success in the group stage. Football enthusiasts eagerly await further twists and turns as the championship progresses, eager to see which teams will rise to the occasion and leave their mark on this prestigious tournament.


The past month has been filled with thrilling developments in both esports and traditional sports, showcasing the dynamic nature of competitive gaming and athletic prowess. Euro 2024 provided unforgettable moments, from Georgia’s historic upset over Portugal to Austria’s surprising group stage success, highlighting the unpredictability of football at its highest level. In esports, Team Spirit’s triumph at the BLAST Spring Final and Gen.G Esports’ victory at VCT 2024: Masters Shanghai underscored the competitive intensity and global appeal of esports tournaments. As we look forward, with events like Dota 2 TI 2024 and VALORANT Champions 2024 on the horizon, the excitement continues to build, promising more thrilling competitions and memorable performances in the months ahead.

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