Ryujinx Firmware v18.0.0 Download (Latest Version)

If you like playing with Nintendo Switch and wish to play games on other platforms, you may have heard about Ryujinx. Ryujinx is an open-source Nintendo Switch emulator through which you can enjoy playing the games of Shiny Switch on many other platforms.

Nevertheless, to ensure the best performance with Ryujinx; you must have the latest available firmware downloaded and installed.

In this post, we will guide you through the process of downloading Ryujinx Firmware and all there is to know about it.

What is Ryujinx?

Ryujinx is a C#-based open-source experimental Nintendo Switch emulator. It is one of the best Switch emulators available, thanks to its outstanding accuracy and performance. Even though Ryujinx is still in development, it already supports several games known to be played on the Switch.

Here are some of the key features of Ryujinx:

  • Wide compatibility: Ryujinx is probably the most widely compatible Switch emulator currently available. It is compatible with almost all Switch games and doesn’t suffer from performance issues.
  • High performance: Ryujinx is also one of the most efficient emulators. It is powerful enough to play quite a few Switch games on its highest setting despite having just a mid-range device.
  • Open source: Ryujinx is open-source software meaning that the source code of this program can be free and inspectable by anyone. This has allowed the emulator to remain up-to-date and relevant.
  • Cross-platform: Ryujinx can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This makes it possible for many people to use it. Ryujinx is an alternative for those who would like to play Switch games on their devices.

What is Ryujinx Firmware?

The Ryujinx Firmware serves as a foundation software for the proper functioning of the emulator called Ryujinx. It translates, and runs the Switch game code; it also provides several services to the emulator such as memory management or rendering graphics.

The Ryujinx Firmware is also usually updated when updating the version of the emulator itself, so it must be kept up-to-date on your side to get decent results.

Here are some of the benefits of using the latest Ryujinx Firmware:

  • Improved performance: Often, new firmware updates offer performance improvements that boost the frame rate of emulated games.
  • Bug fixes: Firmware updates are often aimed at fixing the bugs and issues encountered while playing Switch games.
  • Wide compatibility: With each new firmware update, the emulator will be able to support more Switch games and improve its functionality.

In general, the Ryujinx Firmware is a crucial part of the Ryujinx emulator and should always be updated when you can to its latest version to enjoy better performance and compatibility.

Official Ryujinx Firmware Download (Latest Version)

Official Ryujinx Firmware Download

Ryujinx Firmware Download v18.0.0 (Latest Version)

File Name: FirmwareVersion: 18.0.0 (Latest)File Type: Compressed (zipped) Folder (.zip)File Size: 326MB

Note: Download the “Firmware-18.0.0.zip” file and extract it using WinZip or any “.zip” file extractor tool or software to get official Firmware files for Ryujinx Emulator.

Versions:MD5 HASH:File Size:Download Links:
Firmware 17.0.1 (Rebootless Update)5a56b448fcdf173aa0785ee95c3bbdad326MBMegaupload/Archive
Firmware 17.0.1107f55a13e35efc95c27eca693f93ab7326MBMegaupload/Archive
Firmware 17.0.0 (Rebootless Update)7b6e528486a013b035d9fbb4bd32b15e326MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 17.0.0907f7c99ba54ff84aba5dfc9e22df968326MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 16.1.0c32db52758a4bf6503869db531012e3d326MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update 2)61e55a44e15f33bc79a80388fa82dd8a325MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update)2c826b4df34a48660d923cc6f47ec949325MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 16.0.3ebb152b356b94eb95ed4a5ab9d4145f1325MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 16.0.2462c6a0d29daa4170c37ad1b95899bd5325MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 16.0.1cb287286188dc3072352af2bb4830911325MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 16.0.09feda64cab86f851f1630979ae33a6d5325MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 15.0.1 (Rebootless Update)4fe164705b2392592553586f7cf9d03e322MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 15.0.169735562cebf54ec61aad54cfefc9a5d322MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 15.0.0a7023429f85fdd3a40b4661188f5b65a322MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 3)36808cdb78b5986d02817e6667dfe15b320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 2)50f2564ce85a0818942c5fc1db20a89c320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update)f21375202bc25d55733a41d7a2d8978c320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 14.1.2522d3c4caf11d9874dbd830907f1f36a320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 14.1.14e864e134318aa80ac06e7a676eb96d8320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 14.1.0778b4e7854afa1a0baa98c44988e68ac320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 14.0.0816010565838f30b047d0059efa8c3ea320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 13.2.1881379299c1c9cd2a4b7a90c18c9ea82320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 13.2.0f4f0a7e77d39e209d1be0ee8641c9afb320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Firmware 13.1.0ab837980ed2c83eedaecb28ebf667d9a320MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire

Where is the Ryujinx Firmware location?

Where you installed Ryujinx will determine the Ryujinx Firmware location. 

By default, the Ryujinx emulator is installed in the following directory:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Ryujinx\firmware
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Ryujinx/firmware
  • Linux: ~/.config/ryujinx/firmware

If you installed Ryujinx to a custom location, you can find the firmware directory by following these steps:

  1. Open the Ryujinx emulator.
  2. Click on the File menu.
  3. Select Open Ryujinx Folder.

This will open the Ryujinx folder and you can navigate to one of the file directories mentioned above to find the firmware.

It is also important to note that the firmware directory may be hidden on certain systems. If you cannot find the firmware directory, then try to unhide any hidden files and folders on your system.

What is Ryujinx Firmware XCI?

A Ryujinx Firmware XCI is an archival file format used to store and distribute firmware for the Nintendo Switch emulator called Ryujinx. 

It is a shortened image of the operating system for the Switch, with all the essential files and data necessary to run an emulator.

What it is:

  • An archive format of Firmware for the Ryujinx emulator.
  • The compressed version of the Switch’s OS image.
  • Required for running games on the emulator.

How do I fix the Ryujinx Firmware parsing error?

Fixing this issue is important and can cause issues when trying to play games on the emulator.

Here are some brief steps on how to fix the issue.

  1. Download the latest firmware keys.
  2. Place the title.keys and prod.keys into the Ryujinx keys directory.
    The Ryujinx keys directory is usually C: \Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Ryujinx\system\
    However, if you cannot locate this directory, you may have to create your own.
  3. Start Ryujinx – if you have the keys in the right directory you should not be prompted to have to install them.

If you want more in-depth information regarding this issue make sure you check out the Ryujinx Firmware Parsing Error post we made as we go into much more detail regarding this annoying error.

Where is the Ryujinx Firmware Location?

Ryujinx firmware is stored in a different place based on your OS.

Here are the locations for each operating system:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Ryujinx\firmware
  • macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Ryujinx/firmware
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/ryujinx/firmware
  • If you are using EmuDeck: /home/deck/.var/app/org.ryujinx.Ryujinx/config/Ryujinx/firmware

Ensure that you replace the <username> placeholder with your actual username.

Ryujinx Firmware & Prod Keys and Title Keys Installation Guide (Video)

Ryujinx Emulator Firmware 16.1.0 + Prod Keys Installation Guide

Ryujinx Firmware & Prod Keys and Title Keys Installation Guide (Screenshots)

Step 1 – Download and extract the latest version of Ryujinx Prod.keys and Title.keys.rar file using WinRAR or any RAR file extractor tool or software to get Ryujinx Prod.keys and Title.keys files.

prod keys title keys installation step 1

Step 2 – Open Ryujinx Emulator.

prod keys title keys installation step 2

Step 3 – Click on the OK option.

prod keys title keys installation step 3

Step 4 – Go to File and Click on the Open Ryujinx Folder option.

prod keys title keys installation step 4

Step 5 – Open system Folder.

prod keys title keys installation step 5

Step 6 – Open the Keys Folder (Which you extracted from the Ryujinx Keys.rar archive file).

prod keys title keys installation step 6

Step 7 – Select prod.keys and title.keys files and move it to Ryujinx system folder.

prod keys title keys installation step 7

Step 8 – Close the system folder tab.

prod keys title keys installation step 8

Step 9 – Go to Tools and Click on Install Firmware and then click on Install a Firmware from XCI or ZIP option.

prod keys title keys installation step 9

Step 10 – Select the latest version Firmware.zip file and click on the Open button.

prod keys title keys installation step 10

Step 11 – Click on the Yes option to Install Firmware on the Ryujinx Emulator.

prod keys title keys installation step 11

Step 12 – After Firmware is successfully installed, click on the OK button.

prod keys title keys installation step 12

Step 13 – Close Ryujinx Emulator.

prod keys title keys installation step 13

Step 14 – Open the Ryujinx Emulator again and check keys and firmware working or not on the emulator.

prod keys title keys installation step 14

Step 15 – Prod.keys, Title.keys, and Firmware are successfully working on the Ryujinx emulator, enjoy.

prod keys title keys installation step 15

If you have any installation issues, please let us know in the comments section below, and we will help you.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, updating your Ryujinx firmware version to the latest version is important as it will contain all the latest bug fixes and updates. Some of the updates can include changes such as better game compatibility, graphics performance improvement, bug fixes, and user interface.

We hope this blog post has provided you with all the information regarding Ryujinx and how to download it, as well as given you the latest firmware that can be used by everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Ryujinx run on Steam Deck?

Yes, you can run Ryujinx on Steam Deck and many users have reported running it with minimal issues.

There are multiple ways of installing the emulator on Steam Deck, the easiest way is using emuDeck.

We have a blog post dedicated to achieving this.

Q2. What is the minimum CPU requirement for Ryujinx?

Ryujinx should have a specific CPU that depends on the different games. However, the lowest CPU should be four cores of 2.0 GHz and higher. The less demanding ones would be enough with a four-core CPU while the more advanced games may require either six or eight cores.

Q3. Does Ryujinx support many games?

Ryujinx can play the majority of Nintendo Switch’s games. It is said to have more than 3,000 playable games listed on the Ryujinx compatibility list. This means that Ryujinx can run a huge portion of the Nintendo Switch library, including many popular titles such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

You can find the official compatibility list here.

Q4. Is it safe to update your Ryujinx Firmware?

It is completely safe to update your emulatores firmware and if anything were to go wrong you can easily just reinstall Ryujinx.

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