Yuzu NCE APK 233 Download (Latest Version)

Nintendo Switch is a popular console with many excellent games and emulation is the answer for those looking to play these titles on other platforms.

Switch games can be played on PC through the popular open-source emulator Yuzu. However, a newer version called Yuzu NCE APK has emerged which claims to deliver better performance and less lag via “Native Code Execution.”

In this blog post, we will run through what Yuzu NCE APK is and also give you the latest downloads for Android.

What is Yuzu NCE?

Yuzu NCE is a Native Code Execution and is a newish feature for the Yuzu emulator for Android devices.

It aims to push Nintendo Switch games on Android phones and tablets much further.

Here’s a breakdown of what Yuzu NCE is and how it works:

What it is:

  • A feature for the Yuzu emulator on Android.
  • Aims to run portions of the game code directly on the CPU of the Android device.
  • This decreases processing power and leads to higher performance and efficiency.


  • More responsive: Games especially those that are CPU-bound should run smoother and at higher frame rates.
  • Low battery drain: Lower processing power can translate into better battery life in the game.
  • Load times faster: Bypassing emulation layers may speed up game loading times.

What are the minimum requirements of Yuzu NCE?

As a new feature, Yuzu NCE currently does not have official minimum requirements mentioned anywhere on their website.

But based on what the Yuzu team knows and user experiences, here’s what we know:

  • Processor: at least 6 cores are required, preferably from the latest generations such as Zen 4 / 13th Gen Intel Core or higher.
  • RAM: 6GB is the minimum, more is recommended for faster performance.
  • GPU: While NCE focuses on CPU performance, a good GPU with at least 6GB VRAM is still useful for graphics rendering.
  • A version of Android: Android 11 or above is required as NCE uses certain Vulkan extensions supported in these versions.

Yuzu NCE APK 233 Download For Android (Latest Version)

Yuzu NCE APK Download

Click Here To Download: Yuzu Prod.Keys File (Latest Version)

App Name:Yuzu NCE APK
File Type:APK | Android Package File (.apk)
File Size:37MB
Developed by:Team Yuzu
Updated On:Feb 5th, 2024
Content Rating:Rated for 3+
Github Repo:https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu-android

Older Versions:File Size:Download Links:
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Yuzu NCE APK 21937MBDownload Link

How to install Yuzu NCE

It’s super easy to install Yuzu NCE just follow these simple steps listed below:

  • Download the latest version of Yuzu NCE directly here.
  • In case your Android device has security settings set to “Unknown sources” enable it in case you need to.
  • Install the downloaded APK file on your Android device.
  • In Yuzu’s settings (under Advanced > Debug > CPU backend) enable “Native code execution” mode.

Yuzu NCE APK Video Review

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Final Thoughts

Although the need to play games with less lag than before is understandable, the risks of Yuzu NCE APK outweigh the potential benefits.

With the Yuzu NCE being a relatively new feature and release of Yuzu you can expect to play many games with much less lag than before.

If you are using the normal Yuzu and see lagging on some games, try out the NCE version – it might surprise you to have zero lags.

We hope this post has given you enough information on what Yuzu NCE is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it legal to download and use the Yuzu NCE APK?

The legality of downloading and using the Yuzu NCE APK depends on where you are and the source of the APK. 

Here are some legal points to consider:

  • Nintendo Switch games are copyright-protected, and downloading or using them without the permission of the copyright owner is generally illegal.
  • As an open-source project, Yuzu NCE enables copyrighted code to be executed. Its legality will depend upon whether it falls under “fair use” or other exceptions to copyright laws.

Q2. Can I play online multiplayer games using Yuzu NCE?

You can play online using Yuzu NCE, you will need to use the Yuzu LDN feature that allows you to do so.

We have a blog post that goes into detail regarding how it all works.

Q3. What’s the difference between Yuzu and Yuzu NCE?

Both Yuzu and Yuzu NCE are looking to run Nintendo Switch games on Android but have different approaches and maturity. Yuzu, the more mature option, uses emulation layers for wider game compatibility but may suffer in performance.

A newer feature called Yuzu NCE bypasses these layers for potentially smoother gameplay in certain games, but being in development means it could introduce more bugs.

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