Is Valorant on Nintendo Switch? (2024)

Valorant is Riot Games ‘first-person shooter video game – the competitive angle and fast rhythmic gameplay have many gamers asking – is Valorant on Nintendo Switch?

This post will explain why Valorant is not playing on the Nintendo Switch and provide some suggestions for Switch players.

What is Valorant?


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Valorant is a free-to-play tactical hero shooter from Riot Games involving two teams of five taking on a bomb-planting area. Players choose from a variety of “Agents,” each of whom has special talents that complement accurate shooting and teamwork.

This combination, combined with high visuals and rich sound design, has made Valorant a global phenomenon, with its relentless new content and vibrant community fostering a fast-paced competitive environment.

Is Valorant on Nintendo Switch?

Valorant is currently not on the Nintendo Switch, however, In 2020 the game was launched for Microsoft Windows and has since become popular.

Nonetheless, Riot Games hasn’t announced any plans to port Valorant to additional platforms – such as a Nintendo Switch – that will undoubtedly disappoint Switch gamers who had been looking to get the action of Valorant on their handheld gaming system.

Why is Valorant not available on Nintendo Switch?

Valorant doesn’t work on Nintendo Switch for some reasons: First off, Switch’s hardware demands could be a problem since the game has relatively complicated program requirements.

The Switch console’s hardware is weaker compared to Valorant’s, graphics along with gameplay might be softer than on the opposite console, and Riot Games might have focused on Valorant for the PC – where the game is performing very well.

As of February 5, 2024, Valorant is sadly only available on PC.

Rumors and speculation about a Switch port of the game have circulated, however, Riot Games – the company behind Valorant – has not made any formal announcement.

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Are there any good Valorant alternatives?

Valorant is regrettably not on the Nintendo Switch, however, several titles could fill the gap for the Switch players craving a Valorant-like experience. 

There are several great options that gamers can indulge in:

  • Heroes Shooters: In case you like the hero component of Valorant, with different characters and abilities, you might like Overwatch 2, Paladins, or Apex Legends.
  • Tactical Shooters: If you love the tactical gunplay and the focus on teamwork, CS: GO and Rainbow Six Siege are fair choices.
  • Free-to-Play: Deep, Splitgate, and Warframe Rock Galactic are excellent free Options.

These games are enjoyable and multiplayer online games that you ought to check out.

Valorant Video Review

Final Thoughts

To summarise Valorant isn’t on the Nintendo Switch, sadly. However, Switch players can find other games to quench their need for a team shooter experience.

While the absence of Valorant on the Switch may be disappointing to some, alternatives like Paladins and Overwatch offer comparable gameplay that is worth trying. Both action enthusiasts and strategic gamers will find these alternatives appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will Valorant ever be released on the Nintendo Switch?

There are no confirmed plans for Valorant to be brought to the Nintendo Switch, although Riot Games might one day publish the game on some other platforms.

Q2. Can I play Valorant on a less powerful PC?

Valorant is designed to run on all types of computers from low level to high end – Riot Games has enhanced the game to operate smoothly and also draw in a huge number of gamers.

Q3. Are there any other team-based shooter games available on the Nintendo Switch?

Sure, there are some other team-based shooter video games played on the Nintendo Switch like Paladins and Overwatch – these video games provide the same gameplay and in case you love the genre then you may love These titles.

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