10 Best VR Games of All Time

Virtual Reality. Some say it is fast disappearing while others argue it is here to stay, but we will get a different argument today. 

Instead, we will look into the ten best VR games of all time, exploring what you get from each, so in the end, you can decide if this is a platform that is soon to fade or is here to stay. 

Just before you go on, here is a small fact. VR users make up about 171 million worldwide today, and the industry is said to have made way for about 23 million jobs to date. 

List of 10 Best VR Games Of All Time: Make Some Changes In Your Gaming Style!

VR games are of different kinds. There is a lot of hiding and destroying in first-person shooters. There are also games that can make you laugh in a less scary setting. Here is a list of the ten best VR games you can choose from.

#1 – Vader Immortal

1 Vader Immortal

The game takes the form of a story with three chapters. While this may seem long, it is short and sweet, with exciting puzzles to keep you hooked as you go. 

In other words, the game requires a lot of mind power with some action and adventure, though the story is easy to follow and fun. The game leaves you with some memorable moments, too, in the end. 

As you play, you will have the opportunity to strike light blows with Darth Vader, after whom the game gets its name.

#2 – Star Wars: Squadrons

2 – Star Wars Squadrons

Here is a game that is perfect for Star Wars fans out there. The game takes you to a galaxy that is far, far away, where you play the role of a Jadi knight. 

If you are the kind that likes games that include flying, this is one for you. 

Maoueverity, speed, and leadership are the skills that the game calls for. 

You have a team to deal with, too, so get ready for barking orders all around you.

In other words, the game feels like you are a character in the film, flying to different venues. Some say that the graphics feel a bit cartoonish, but nevertheless, you will have fun.

#3 – Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

3 – Astro Bot Rescue Mission

There are many games that are available for those who don’t like shooters and puzzles. Perhaps this is the game for you. 

The virtual reality scene is light, yet the game is enjoyable as you team up with Captain Astro to rescue the adorable little robots as you navigate the different levels. 

And this is not easy as you are going to be peeking around corners and, in the 

process, smashing your head into the different obstacles that come your way.

#4 – Trover Saves the Universe

4 – Trover Saves the Universe

Trevor Saves the Universe is simple and easy to play as you play the role of Chairopean, an alien. 

You have a partner, and his name is Trevor, and together the two of you fight against an enemy alien to save your universe. And that is why the game is named Trevor Saves the Universe. 

The game is action-packed, and there is a lot of jumping and running involved as you fight. Amidst that, expect a lot of humor that will come your way, so get ready to laugh yourself out of your chair.

#5 – Half-Life: Alyx

5 – Half Life

In thirteen years, there finally comes the first half-life game. Shouldn’t you be looking forward to this? 

This first-person shooter game comes with features that make for virtual reality, with guns, gloves, and throwing objects. As a player, you play the role of Alyx Vance, leading a revolution in a city of invaders coming to occupy your place. 

Built by Valve, the game is realistic, with some excellent graphics to keep a player engaged throughout the 11-hour episode. As you shoot from your PC, you feel you are correct at the scene, experiencing the horror and adventure as you interact with the other players.

#6 – Job Simulator

6 – Job Simulator

Robots are replacing humans these days, and here is a game with such a setting where the old way of life is reduced to a mere museum. 

Here you will be guided by a helpful robot who will take you through the steps in the game. This game is unique as you find yourself in a stress-free environment where you will mess around to have fun. 

The game is hilarious with drones and other tools and is thus most enjoyable when you play it standing. There is a lot of creativity involved, too, so, in the end, be sure you will enjoy this game.

#7 – Subnautica

7 – Subnautica

The game has an exciting narrative with the crashing of a spaceship, with many engaging visuals that make it a real treat. 

As a player, you find yourself stranded in the middle of an ocean trying to find your way out with all the tools and raw materials you can get. 

While the scene looks cartoonish, there are many horrors that will keep you hooked, with alien life that you will come across, and not to forget, some marine wildlife.

#8 – Beat Saber

8 – Beat Saber

If you like music, this kind of VR game is meant for you. The game is rhythm-based, with a lot of dance movements that are sure to keep you engaged. 

And with that comes a lot of action and adventure, too, as you duck to escape bombs thrown at you by the enemy, knocking off lightsabers you come across on the way. 

Also, the always running online changes will help you to compete with high scorer players. That will usually improve your gaming skill.

#9 – I Expect You to Die 3

9 – I Expect You to Die 3

The name sounds scary, and so is the game, with a setting that throws you into horror and adventure, with some humor too. There are puzzles to solve too, so laughter is not the only thing here for you. 

Here you are a secret agent out to destroy an arch-villain and one of the most cunning adversaries. So be ready for a lot of spying as you go on your mission; this one is more action-packed with many complex gadgets and robots. 

You’ve got to be cunning and quick to escape, and these are the skills that you require when playing the game. For the enemy here is dangerous with something up his sleeve.

#10 – No Man’s Sky

10 – No Mans Sky

First released in 2019, this game was greeted with a lot of controversy till today; it has bagged a place in this list of the ten best VR games of all time. 

This is a multiplayer-supported game. The game is about action, adventure, and survival as billions of planets surround you, digging caves, building bases, and discovering relics. 

The scene is strange as you come across aliens and ancient civilizations, but that is where all the mystery lies. As a player, you explore planets, solar systems, and much more. And this is how you go about winning rewards.


And while you were reading about all the games you came across on this list, there sure would have been one that stood out as your favorite. 

Go ahead and try it. It may be the kind of game that you will grow to like.

If you find yourself disappointed, there are nine more games to choose from this list, and that is how you will discover the game you love the most from this list. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):-

Not tired, are you? Then, before you leave, let’s end with some answers to the most common FAQs. 

Q1. Are VR games still popular?

Ans. Perhaps less prevalent than it was, but the fact is that VR games are here to stay. The market will also see a steady rise in adoption rates. 

Q2. What is the most downloaded VR game?

Ans. Half-Life Alyx. This first-person shooter game has gained popularity because it is action-packed, with a lot of funny mechanics to add some humor as you protect yourself from the overhead enemies. 

Q3. Is VR 3D?

Ans. Yes, these games put a player inside a 3D setting, giving him a more realistic experience and hence the name virtual reality. In other words, it lets users explore their surroundings and interact with characters around them in a more realistic, immersive, and engaging way. 

Q4. Do VR games cost money?

Ans. It depends. Some VR games are free, and some that can cost you some money. The latter are mainly games that are developed in big studios. However, being costly doesn’t always mean more fun. You can have fun with free games too.

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