10 Best Android Games of All Time

Video games are here to stay, but gone are the days when three siblings fought for that one video game at home. With the rise of Android games today, you can always access your favorite game to kill time while waiting on the bus or in the long line outside the ATM. 

In fact, research states that over 20 percent of apps downloaded from the Google Play Store today are gaming apps. Studies also suggest that about 60 percent of users download a gaming app within a week of buying a new phone. 

That said, this is an article on the 10 best Android games of all time that you can check if you are looking to install some games on your phone. 

10 Best Android Games of All Time: Which One You Choose?

Google Play store may introduce you to a world of games, but some are popular, and some are merely occupying space.

We now focus on the former, so we can know which are some of the best Android games out there.

#1 – Garena Free Fire

1 – Garena Free Fire

This one is a multiplayer survival shooter game that you can enjoy on your Android or iOS device. The game can be a bit eerie, where as a player, you will have to be shooting all around until you are the last person standing. 

The setting is in the real world, which means that the violence is realistic, with a lot of bloodshed involved as you see wounded players falling dead, and there is also a lot of gambling. So, read on to check the rest of the games if you don’t exactly find this one appealing.

#2 – PUBG Mobile

2 – PUBG Mobile

Introduced in 2017, just a year after the famous Pokemon Go, PUBG is available both for Android as well as iOS devices. 

This game is more of a realistic one and is slow-paced. This makes it a choice for those who tend to get overwhelmed with games that require a lot of speed. 

What makes the game so enjoyable are the awesome mechanics, with its learning curve and many on-screen controls. 

On the downside, the UI can be a bit messy, and there are bugs for you to deal with, but if you have the required amount of patience, you can still go ahead and enjoy it. 

#3 – Pokémon Go

3 – Pokemon Go

This was a game that shook many youngsters in 2016, didn’t it? And it has to date, remained one of the most popular Android games with its frequent updates and latest features.

As most would already know, this is a location-based game that requires a player to catch, battle, and train. And this is how a player wins points and keeps advancing all through the game. 

What makes it more interesting are the special rewards and bonuses that a player receives for his success in the game. 

#4 – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

4 – Mobile Legends Bang Bang

This is a fun game that is easy to learn and play as it gives a user a variety of playing styles to experiment with. The controls are simple, and the objective is clear. 

The game is also known to stimulate your brain as you work on your memory power and strategic thinking skills as you come across players with unique play styles and abilities. 

If played with friends, it can also encourage and help in team-building skills, giving players a sense of loyalty and good behavior. There are tournaments, events, and so much more that you will find within the fun sports community. 

All this keeps a player engaged as he strives to advance and climb higher as he plays the game. 

#5 – Candy Crush Saga

5 – Candy Crush Saga

Here is another game one often sees youngsters today busy with their fingers on. The game came about in the year 2012 and reached about a hundred players within three months. 

Today, it is the second-highest app that a lot of users gross on Google Play. 

This is more of a puzzle game that requires mixing up things with speed, something youngsters love to kill time with, as it gets more complicated and challenges a player to get better. 

All you have to do is match candies, score points, and get better as the difficulty level gets higher. 

And this only gets more interesting with all the fancy animations and the fact that you can share your progress on social media platforms like Facebook. 

#6 – Clash of Clans

6 – Clash of Clans

This is one of the oldest Android games that has powerfully stood the test of time, where players are made to build a  village with things they collect from the warring tribe. 

This way, a player keeps unlocking building types and upgrading his village in time, forging an alliance with other players, entering battles, and doing his best to survive. 

All this keeps a player engaged and immersed as he forms clans and trains his army troops, building his relationship with other players. 

#7 – Fruit Ninja

7 – Fruit Ninja

This game was seen as one of the top in the Windows 7 marketplace. It is extremely simple and thus enjoyed by adults as well as kids. 

The interface is natural, the graphics are simple and the game is smooth, where all you have to do is murder fruits and not people, sparing you the horror as you go about attacking fruits. 

The game has a 3D effect and a cartoonish realism that can keep a child hooked for hours, and so this one, too, like Candy Crush Saga, can be a little addictive. Parents, be careful before your children get their hands on it.  

#8 – Call of Duty: Mobile

8 – Call of Duty Mobile

This is one of the most playable mobile first-person shooter games that you can get. What’s so nice about the game are the solid mechanics, giving you a smooth experience with loads of options for customization, beautiful graphics, and lots of action. 

It is for all these reasons that Call of Duty: Mobile received a rating that made it the best Android game in 2019. You can enjoy this in the PvP mode with a 100-player battle royale or as a normal FPS online. 

#9 – Among Us

9 – Among Us

If you like to play tabletop games, here is one for you. Among Us is all about social deduction. There are multiple layers to the game and players are required to cooperate as they go about winning their way through it. 

There is a lot of drama involved, and that only keeps a player more engaged and immersed in it. 

This game achieved its popularity at a slow pace, but this did not stop it from getting a place in this list of some of the best Android games that we have today. 

This is one game that you can enjoy with a group of friends, even on a PC. As a player, you get to deal with fellow astronauts, working together in fixing your spaceship and also protecting yourself from the enemy. 

The atmosphere is scary and paranoid; just a little warning, in case these are not the games you like to put yourself through. 

#10 – Mini World

10 – Mini World

This is one of the most creative games that you have on this list. It is a 3D game with a lot of adventure as you go about exploring and creating your mini, your dream world. 

In other words, it is for this reason that this game has reached a place where it receives about 80 million monthly players today. There are a lot of options for customization here, and this only goes on to make the game more fun and interesting. 


And with that, you have come to the end of this list of some of the best Android games of all time. Which one did you like best? There sure would have been one that you would have especially wanted to try out on getting a brief description. 

The good news is that you can easily access it on Google Play, and that is how easily games are available today, unlike in the past when you had to walk into a real store, where all you could come back with was one video game. 

Just don’t make yourself too unproductive at the end of the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Now that you’ve read all the information presented to you, it would be good to end with a few FAQs. With that, here is a guess at some of the questions in your head and our little attempt to answer them. 

Q1. Which is the number one game on Android?

Ans. Candy Crush Saga. This should come as no surprise because, in the end, everyone wants a game that is fun and pleasant, where all you do is mix and match colorful candies and not go about shooting people around instead. 

It’s over ten years since the game came about, and it looks like it’s still here to stay, with one billion downloads to date. 

Q2. Which game comes with the biggest file size?

Ans. Genshin Impact. This is a game for which you are going to require 20GB on your phone, which means you are probably going to have to install and delete some apps and files if you are interested in playing this Android game on your phone. 

Q3. Which mobile game has the most active players? 

Ans. PUBG takes first place here and is followed by Pokemon Go. The former has about 1.27 billion players to date, and the latter has a billion.

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