How to track a Nintendo Switch (2024)

Losing your Nintendo Switch can be a real bummer. It messes up your gaming sessions and can cause quite a bit of worry. Luckily, there are steps you can take to track it down.

Whether you’ve left it somewhere in your home or fear it’s been lost elsewhere this guide will provide you with the right information to help recover your much-loved Nintendo Switch.

How to track a Nintendo Switch

Here are some general methods on How to track a Nintendo Switch:

Using your Nintendo Switch’s serial number

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Here’s an easy way to find your lost Nintendo Switch using the serial number:

  1. For Help from Nintendo:
    • Contact Nintendo Support and give them your serial number because it’s important as it helps them know which Switch belongs to you.
    • Nintendo might be able to tell when your Switch was last connected and this could help you figure out where it is.

  2. Filing a Police Report:
    • The serial number is like a special code that proves the Switch is yours if it gets stolen.
    • If the police find your Switch, they can use the serial number to give it back to you.

  3. Tracking If Sold:
    • If you think someone sold your Switch, look for listings with the same serial number online.
    • If you find a match, ask the police to help you get it back

Using unofficial Switch trackers


Here’s how unofficial Switch trackers can help find a lost or Nintendo Switch:

What are Unofficial Switch Trackers?

  • These are small devices that use Bluetooth to help find lost Switches and some popular brands are Tile, AirTags, and Chipolo.

How They Help:

  • Proactive Tracking: Attach the tracker to your Switch and use the app to find it nearby using Bluetooth.
  • Sound Alerts: The tracker can make a noise to help you find it if it’s nearby, like under a sofa.
  • Network Tracking: Some trackers can use other users to find your Switch if it’s moved far away.

Things to consider:

  • Range: The tracker works best in your home or nearby, not far away.
  • Battery Life: Choose a tracker with good battery life.
  • Network Effect: Some trackers work better in crowded areas where more people use the same tracker.

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How to prevent losing your Nintendo Switch

To make sure you never lose your Switch, here are some things you can do:

  • Use a Bluetooth Tracker: Get a device that can connect to your Switch and keep track of it.
  • Write Down the Serial Number: Make a note of the unique number on your Switch and keep it safe. You’ll need it if you have to report your Switch as lost or stolen.

Important: It’s not easy to find a Nintendo Switch if it’s turned off or not connected to the internet. But if you use different methods and take action early, you have a better chance of getting it back.

Final Thoughts

A common question asked by gamers is how to track a Nintendo Switch and losing a Nintendo Switch is never a fun experience, but by following these steps provided, you can be proactive in trying to track it down.

Consider using a Bluetooth tracker and always keep note of your Switch’s serial number. With a bit of preparation and some quick action, you can hopefully get back to your favorite games soon.


Q1. My Nintendo Switch doesn’t have an internet connection. Can I still track it?

Sadly, without an internet connection, it will be very hard to track down your Nintendo Switch.

Your best bet is to thoroughly search the areas where you last remember having the Switch.

Q2. What’s the best Bluetooth tracker for my Switch?

Popular choices include Tile, AirTags, and Chipolo, make sure to research the features and range of different trackers to find the best fit for your needs.

Q3. I found my Switch, but it appears someone else has been using it. What should I do?

Make a new password for your Nintendo Account right away and remove any credit card information associated with the account.

You can also ask Nintendo Support to erase the device from far away.

Q4. Can the police actually help find my stolen Switch?

Filing a police report is important, but not usually it does not usually help.

This will only really help if somehow the police happen to find it and they need to verify it’s actually your console, for which you can show them the serial number.

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