Can you download Spotify on Nintendo Switch? (2024)

The Nintendo Switch is a great portable console, but does it have the ability to support streaming of music through Spotify? 

A common question asked by Switch gamers is can you download Spotify on Nintendo Switch?

in this guide, we’ll look at whether you can actually get the Spotify App on your Switch directly and also talk about other ways to listen to your favorite tunes while you play.

Can you download Spotify on Nintendo Switch?


Nintendo Switch players, who might want to bring their Spotify collections on their journeys, may be disappointed. 

Unfortunately, if you’re a Nintendo Switch gamer, there’s no way to use the Spotify app right now. 

But, it doesn’t matter you will not be able to listen to music while playing. Now, let us look into why there is no Spotify on Switch and some good alternatives.

Why No Spotify?

The lack of a Spotify app on the Nintendo Switch boils down to a few factors:

  • Focus on Gaming: The main purpose of Nintendo designing the Switch as a gaming console was to play the games. Music streaming isn’t considered important when it comes to gaming.
  • Limited Resources: It can be that Switch’s hardware can’t support streaming apps like Spotify that are running in the background without affecting the quality of the game performance.
  • No Demand: There isn’t real demand to get Spotify to run on a Nintendo Switch so it’s not really important for Nintendo and its gamers.

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Workarounds: How to Get Your Music Fix

While you can’t directly download Spotify, here are some ways to listen to your tunes on the Switch:

  • Online Streaming:
    1. Open a hidden web browser on the Switch console.
    2. Log in to your Spotify via the web player.
    3. Select songs for a playlist, and switch off your browser. FYI Know that this may affect the speed of some games.

  • Offline Music Download:
    1. Use a Spotify music downloader like NoteBurner or Tunelf to change your Spotify playlists to MP3 format. Please consider that the use of illegal tools is a legal grey area.
    2. After that, move those MP3 files to a microSD card and put it into your switch.
    3. To listen to the songs you downloaded, install a compatible music player app, preferably TriPlayer.

  • Bluetooth Audio:
    1. If your Nintendo Switch is compatible with Bluetooth audio, you can pair headphones or speakers, and Spotify can now stream music from your phone or tablet.


Q1. Is there absolutely no way to get Spotify on my Switch?

Currently, there is no Spotify official app. Despite such workarounds, you still can access your favorite music from Spotify, even though it is not a easiest process.

Q2. Are the Spotify downloaders legal?

People who use the Spotify download will often get caught in a legal grey zone. They may work technically, but they often break the Spotify’s terms and conditions. To be safe it is better to use the Spotify web player to stream or to own the files in the music store.

Q3. Will using the web browser to play Spotify make my games lag?

It also may be with resource-intensive games. The performance impact will differ depending on the game that you’re playing.

Q4. Can I use voice commands to control Spotify on the Switch?

Sadly, no. Since there’s no app, voice commands like you’d use with a smart speaker won’t work on the Switch.

Q5. Is there any hope for a Spotify Switch app in the future?

It’s very much possible since the next-generation consoles like PS and Xbox Spotify apps, so Nintendo could be following this trend.

Final Thoughts

But, for some gamers, not being able to download the dedicated Spotify app on the Nintendo Switch might be very annoying. Anyway, there is no reason to let it hinder your gaming experience. 

By using some straightforward ways, you will bring your favorite playlists with you. However, we are holding out that Nintendo and maybe Spotify would collaborate in the future, making the process easier as well.

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