100 Games Compatible with Egg NS – (Egg NS Compatibility List)

The Egg NS Emulator is a pretty big emulator for the Nintendo Switch and it has been around for some time.

This powerful emulator opens the door to playing your favorite Nintendo Switch titles right on your Android phone or tablet.

But the main question is what games can you play on the emulator with no lag or issues?

In this blog post, we go through the Egg NS compatibility list and inform you of 100 games that work on the emulator.

What exactly is the Egg NS Emulator?

Egg NS Emulator is an Android emulator of Nintendo Switch that has come up with a lot of questions because of its controversial nature. 

It allows you to play Switch games on your mobile or tablet, but it has been criticized due to its closed-source nature, theft of source code of other emulators, and the necessity of a special controller to perform the functions.

To summarize it’s not the most sustainable emulator and has done questionable things in the emulation community.

Egg NS Compatibility List (100 Games that work perfectly)

After doing research we managed to make a list of 100 games that work perfectly with no lag on the Egg NS Emulator.

So feel free to play any of the following games on your emulator and experience them with no issues.

So without further ado here is the Egg NS Compatibility List:

  1. New Pokémon Snap
  2. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows
  3. Ultra Street Fighter II 
  4. Shantae and the Seven Sirens
  5. Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition
  6. Timespinner
  7. Chameleon Run: Deluxe Edition
  8. Tiny Barbarian DX
  9. Behind The Screen
  10. Mega Man 11
  11. ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights
  12. YU-NO
  13. Torchlight 2
  14. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
  15. Cuphead
  16. Hollow Knight
  18. Robotics
  19. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town
  20. Dead Cells
  21. Final Remix
  22. Wonder Boy Returns Remix
  23. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  24. Ninja Gaiden 2
  25. Resident Evil: Revelations
  26. ARMS
  27. Borderlands Legendary Collection
  28. Final Fantasy XV
  29. Ori and the Blind Forest
  30. Ori and the Will of the Wisps 2
  31. Richman 10
  32. Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
  33. Trine 2: Complete Story
  34. Bayonetta
  35. Senran Kagura Reflexions
  36. Xeno Reborn
  37. EarthWars
  38. Giga Wrecker
  39. Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster
  40. Valkyria Chronicles 4
  41. Ninja Gaiden 4
  42. Resident Evil 5
  43. Xenoblade 2
  44. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna: The Golden Country
  45. Pokémon Sword / Shield
  46. Mario Tennis
  47. Dragon’s Dogma
  48. Salt and Sanctuary
  49. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered
  50. Monster Hunter Stories 2
  53. Metroid Dread
  55. BioShock Infinite
  56. Little Nightmares
  57. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
  58. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  59. Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
  60. Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle
  61. Animal Crossing New Horizons
  62. Animus
  63. Dragon Quest XI S Echoes of an Elusive Age
  64. Outlast 1
  65. Fighting EX Layer Another Dash
  66. Sniper Elite 4
  67. Aeolis Tournament 
  68. Adventure Field 4 
  69. Boyfriend Dungeon
  70. Zelda Link’s Awakening
  71. Pókemon Let’s Go Pikachu
  72. Eastward
  73. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy
  74. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
  75. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond 
  76. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
  77. Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope
  78. Shovel Knight Showdown
  79. Fight of Animals
  80. Gearshifters
  81. World for Two
  82. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn
  83. Rigid Force Redux
  84. Grimvalor
  85. Monster Truck XT Airport Derby
  86. Rolling Gunner
  87. The Legend of Dark Witch
  88. Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical
  89. Swords and Sandals: Spartacus
  90. Kemono Heroes
  91. HexaGravity
  92. Mahjong Stories: Vampire Romance
  93. Devil May Cry 2
  94. Mother Russia Bleeds
  95. Dusty Raging Fist
  96. Lost Sphear
  97. hunting
  98. Encodya
  99. Wonder Blade
  100. Rise & Shine

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Additional Egg NS Compatibility List Information

Here are some places where you can find more information about games that you can play on the Egg NS emulator:

  • Egg NS Official Compatibility List: Sadly we couldn’t find any official compatibility list for this emulator, only fan-made lists.
  • YouTube Videos: Look for a game you would like to play on YouTube, plus “Egg NS” and see how it runs on the emulator. YouTube users usually show the gameplay and functionality.
  • Community Forums: Try and find forums online or check on Reddit for compatibility information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Egg NS Emulator legal?

The gray area is in getting the Switch ROMs. The emulators however are mostly legal but downloading ROMs of the games that you don’t own is not.

Q2. Do I need a powerful phone to run Egg NS?

The Egg NS Emulator supports Android 11 and up, hence, a Snapdragon 855 and 6GB RAM are the minimum required. 

Devices with 10GB RAM or more run the emulator without any problem.

Final Thoughts

The Egg NS emulator is really powerful for gaming on the Switch on mobile devices. Although not all Switch games will run smoothly, the list of compatible titles is massive and pretty impressive.

While getting started, keep in mind that you should check out whether the emulators are working with your wanted games. If you are a little bit curious, you can find a lot of the best Switch classics and new titles right there in your pocket.

We hope this blog post has given you insight into what games work on the Egg NS emulator, and if it has please check out more of our posts.

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