How can you play Ryujinx online? (2024)

One of the Nintendo Switch emulators that have always attracted a lot of attention is Ryujinx which allows one to play games on Nintendo Switch in PC. The most common question that is often asked about Ryujinx is whether it can play games online.

We will also discuss the online functionality of Ryujinx and offer a guide on how to play Ryujinx online.

How do you play Ryujinx Online?

Ryujinx can play online games. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that not all games are compatible with online gameplay. It depends on the game as to whether it works with online play; it is also dependent on whether you have set up your Ryujinx emulator.

Ryujinx is incapable of connecting to the internet and playing online games directly as if they were a real Nintendo Switch. However, it does have a feature called ‘Ryujinx LDN’, which allows you to play local multiplayer online with other Ryujinx users.

As such, you can play games with friends using Ryujinx that are local wireless multiplayer but not exactly in the same place.

What is Ryujinx LDN?

Ryujinx LDN or Local Wireless LAN is a function of Ryujinx that lets users play games with other players over a local network. It mimics the local wireless capability of the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to connect and play from separate instances of Ryujinx.

It’s still in development: Ryujinx LDN is not yet fully developed, so it may be buggy and could have compatibility issues. Not all games with local wireless multiplayer support work with LDN, however the list of supported titles is growing.

You need a certain build: To use this feature, you will be required to download a special version of Ryujinx referred to as Ryujinx LDN. You can get it from the Ryujinx website or the GitHub repository. The current version is LDN3 which was launched on December 12, 2023.

You need the same game version: All players involved must be playing the same version of the game to make LDN.

It requires setup: For LDN to run properly, you will have to configure your firewall and may even need a router. Instructions on how to perform this using the Ryujinx LDN Multiplayer Guide are available in detail.

How do you play Ryujinx online?

To play Ryujinx online, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Install the latest version of Ryujinx LDN on your device.

2. It’s recommended by Ryujinx to create a user profile as it may give you issues connected online otherwise, to do go to Options > Manage User Profiles before going online and create a new username with an image and save.

3. Go to Options -> Settings, a window will appear go to the Network tab

4. You will need to change the Multiplayer Mode from disabled to Ryujinx Ldn

ryujinx multiplayer

4. Launch Ryujinx and load the game ROM.

5. Connect with other players using Ryujinx LDN. Make sure that all players are using the same version of the emulator and have the same game ROM.

Final Thoughts

With the support of Ryujinx LDN, Ryujinx allows playing games online. Although not all games are playable online, this is still a nice feature that enables gamers to play multiplayer titles with friends.

Do not forget to use legal ROMs and keep in mind the existing copyright law when using Ryujinx or any other emulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I play any Nintendo Switch game online using Ryujinx?

No, not all games are supported for online play, some games have issues playing online and may need to be fixed.

Q2. Is Ryujinx LDN the only way to play Ryujinx online?

Yes, Ryujinx LDN is the only available option for playing Ryujinx games online.

Q3. Can I play Ryujinx online with my friends who are using a different emulator?

No, Ryujinx LDN is for use with other users only in Ryujinx LDN and not with other emulators’ players.

Q4. Where can I find the latest Ryujinx compatibility list?

You can find the latest Ryujinx compatibility list in our updated blog post.

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