10 Best Video Game Consoles (2023)

The video game industry has evolved a lot throughout the years. There was a time when we played and enjoyed the Snake Game with simple pixelated graphics on the black and white screen and now we can play games with stunning high-definition visuals with a game controller.

As per the report made by the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), there are over 2000 video game design schools all over the world to make the upcoming video games more attractive and more user-friendly by inserting the best features.

Here is the list of 10 Best Video Game Consoles

Here throughout this article, we will learn about the 10 best video game consoles of 2023 describing their features and exclusive game titles that have helped them to earn this reputation. So, stay tuned.

#1 – PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

The video game console that comes at the top of the list is PlayStation 5 (PS5). This game console was first launched by Sony on 12th November 2020.

Featured with powerful hardware enabling the game players to play the next gen. games and the presence of a wide range of exclusive titles like ‘Demon’s Souls’, ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales’, ‘Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’ etc., this game console is considered to be one of the best video games of 2023.

With a Custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, AMD RDNA 2 GPU, and Custom NVMe SSD Storage, it supports resolutions up to 8k. Over 38 million units have been sold since its launch.

#2 – Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Series X/S

Launched by Microsoft in the year 2020, the Xbox Series X/S holds the second place in the list of the top 10 best video game consoles of 2023.

Featured with the Xbox Game Pass subscription its backward compatibility with previous Xbox titles has made it very popular. Some exclusive titles of this game console are- ‘Halo Infinite’, ‘Forza Horizon 5’, ‘Gears 5’ etc.

It has almost the same specifications as PS5 in terms of CPU, GPU, Storage, and Resolution. Microsoft has sold over 18.5 million units since its launch.

#3 – Quest 2

Quest 2

Quest 2, the video game console that holds the number three position in our list of 10 video game consoles of 2023, was first launched by Facebook on 13th October 2020.

The presence of an all-in-one VR experience at an affordable price made it very popular. Some exclusive titles like ‘Beat Saber’, ‘Superhot Vr’, ‘The Climb 2’ attracted the attention of the game players.

It is featured with a Fast-switch LCD, with a resolution of 1832×1920 per eye along with a 90 Hz Refresh Rate and it supports a 100-degree field of view. Nearly 20 million Quest headsets have been sold till now.

#4 – Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest was launched by Facebook in the year 2019. The two major reasons behind its popularity are Wireless, all-in-one VR experience, and a vast library of VR games.

Some exclusive titles like ‘Vader Immortal’, ‘Moss’, ‘The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners’, etc., grabbed our attention to place at the fourth position in our list of 10 best video game consoles of 2023.

It supports OLED Resolution:1440 x 1600 per eye with a refresh rate of 72Hz along with 100 degrees of field view which is loved by the game players all over the world.

#5 – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch was unveiled by the famous gaming company Nintendo in the year 2017. The versatile freedom of playing both as a handheld and console and the strong line-up of the first-party Nintendo games made this game console secure a significant place in the gaming market.

Fantastic titles such as ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’, ‘Super Mario Odyssey are immensely loved by gamers

Featured with a Custom NVIDIA Tegra CPU and GPU with a 32 GB (expandable) Storage Capacity, it supports resolutions up to 1080p. Over 100 million units have been sold since its launch.

#6 – Super NES Classic Edition

Super NES Classic Edition

The Super NES Classic Edition is another gaming console that is backed by Nintendo. It was launched on 29th September 2017. It became popular in the gaming world because of its nostalgia factor with a collection of classic games and its high demand in the retro gaming genre.

Featured with some amazingly exclusive titles such as ‘Super Mario World’, ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’, ‘Donkey Kong Country’’ etc., it won the hearts of gamers.

It offers a 16-bit CPU, 512 KB Memory along with supported Resolution up to 720p. Another great feature is that it has built-in storage for games. Over 5.5 million units have been sold since its launch.

#7 – NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition was launched in the year 2016 by Nintendo and The presence of compact and easy-to-use design in this gaming console was much liked and much loved by the game lovers.

Some of the exclusive titles of NES Classic Edition are- ‘Super Mario Bros’, ‘The Legend of Zelda’, ‘Metroid’ etc.

Its features and specifications are almost the same as its successor i.e. Super NES Classic Edition. This gaming console was a commercial success. Almost over 10 million units have been sold since its launch.

#8 – PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 (PS 4) was launched by Sony in 2013. The ‘Remote Play’ function in this game console allows one to stream games from his PS4 to a PC, Mac, or Vita whereas the ‘Share Play’ function allows a user to share his games with his friends.

The titles such as ‘The Last of US Part II’, ‘God of War’, ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’, etc., brought popularity to this game console.

Featured with AMD Jaguar CPU, and AMD Radeon GPU along with a storage capacity of 500 GB which is expandable up to 1 TB are the key specifications of this console. It supports resolutions up to 1080p with FPS up to 60. The PS4 has sold over 117 units since its launch.

#9 – Xbox One

Xbox One

The Xbox One game console is the brainchild of Microsoft and launched on Nov 15, 2013. The two main reasons behind the popularity of this game console are its integrated entertainment features and two strong online multiplayer ecosystems.

‘Halo 5: Guardians, ‘Forza Horizon 4’, ‘Gears of War 4’ etc., are some notable titles that made the game players show their love for this game console.

The specifications of Xbox One are somehow similar to PlayStation 4 in terms of CPU, GPU, Resolution, and FPS. This gaming console has sold over 50 million units since its launch in the market.

#10 – Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

With its launch in 2012 by the reputed gaming company Nintendo, Nintendo Wii U grabbed the sole attention of the players for its innovative GamePad controller and unique gameplay experience using a second screen.

The popular titles from this gaming console are ‘Super Mario 3D World’, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, ‘Mario Kart 8’ etc.

It contains the CPU as IBM Power PC, AMD Radeon GPU, and a Storage Capacity of 8 GB (expandable up to 32 GB). It supports resolutions up to 1080p and FPS up to 60. The Nintendo Wii U has sold over 13 million units since its launch in the market.

Wrap-Up On 10 Best Video Game Consoles (2023)

Which game console is best and which is not, is actually a matter of controversy. It is not necessary that if a game console seems best to me, it will also be best to you as our taste differs from human to human. 

However, the above game consoles have been shortlisted based on their popularity, positive feedback by the users, their user-friendliness, and some other important factors that led them to earn the status of the 10 best video game consoles of 2023.

I hope you have liked this article. Please use the comment box if you have anything to opine and please don’t forget to share this article with your friends as ‘sharing is caring’.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):-

With so many video game consoles present in the market at the current time, sometimes it becomes quite difficult for us to choose the proper one and some related questions arise in our mind. 

Here, I am trying to provide appropriate answers to three of the chosen questions that are often asked by people online.

Q1. How To Choose The Best Video Game Console Among Many?

Ans. To choose the best video game console first you have to know your needs. Yes, there are many but you have to choose what you need. Your gaming preference, your budget to purchase the console, the desired features, and the availability of titles are the key factors that will guide you to choose the best video game console according to your requirements. 

Q2. Can One Use Accessories From Older Console Models With The Newer Ones?

Ans. There is no straight-cut answer to the above question. It actually depends. Some accessories such as controllers or headsets may work across different console generations whereas some other accessories may require specific adapters or can be limited to certain functionalities. Hence, it is always advisable to check the guidelines before you purchase.

Q3. Are the games from previous console generations compatible with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S?

Ans. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S offer backward compatibility which means it allows the users to play some selective games from their respective previous console generations. However, it is always advisable to check all the details before you finally purchase.

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