10 Best Handheld Video Game Consoles (2024)

Portable gaming consoles are on the rise today, with a market that is only predicted to grow. 

According to Fortune Business Insights, the market, which stood at USD 34.27 billion in 2019, has been seeing steady growth (what with all the pandemic and lockdown), which is only estimated to increase. 

The source states the market can reach about $50 billion by 2027. 

All this has undoubtedly left you curious about the best models dominating the space today, so read on to look at each. 

List of 10 Best Handheld Video Game Consoles

Choosing the best handheld video game consoles is, in fact, tricky, as various brands come up with newer models to offer you better features. Yes, the competition is high. 

While all of them have one aim, which is for you to have more fun, how well they succeed depends on the kind of features you want and what is best for you. 

Choosing the one for you is yours, but for now, here is a look at the ten best handheld video game consoles leading the race in the market today.

#1 – Nintendo Switch OLED

best handheld video game consoles Nintendo Switch OLED

After all, you now have a vibrant OLED screen to play on as you place your device on the wide adjustable stand that comes with it. There is enhanced audio too, and put together, both of these are aimed at giving you a more enjoyable experience. 

The vivid colors and crisp content to enjoy with this new version of the Nintendo 

The switch will help you slay more enemies as you race at top speed. 

What is best about this device is the joy-con controllers that it comes with, giving you complete flexibility no matter what game you choose to play with it.


#2 – Valve Steam Deck

Valve Steam Deck best handheld video game consoles

If you’re worried about the price, this one has incredible value for money. While the device is not what you would call affordable, it comes with a performance that matches the cost and thus makes it reasonable. 

Here you can play almost any PC game that you buy. In addition to that, there are updates with new games being optimized frequently. 

One drawback of the device is the battery life. Yet, the design is comfortable, the screen is vibrant, and the performance is excellent.

#3 – Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite best handheld video game consoles

With two-thirds the size of the Nintendo Switch, this one delivers much less than its cousin but is an excellent option to save space on your phone. 

You can still access its vast library with all the third and first-party games. It has an attractive color scheme to give you an enjoyable and comfortable gaming experience on an extensive and colorful screen. 

Zelda, Mario, and Animal Crossing are games you can play without using a lot of space on your phone. On the downside, you have lesser playtime, which comes as a result of a smaller battery. The data is not as easy to transfer and save, so make sure you choose what you want wisely.

#4 – Evercade EXP

Evercade EXP best handheld video game consoles

This device is unique because of its dedicated collection of gaming cartridges, an exciting mix of arcade games, and retro consoles.

The device is also ergonomic as it can be easily flipped to suit your needs and comfort, where you can enjoy playing in vertical mode with a simple button press. 

The device is also lightweight and compact, with a battery that lasts about five hours, which makes it pretty decent for a gaming console.

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#5 – Logitech G Cloud

 Logitech G Cloud

This gives you a dedicated and genuinely competent gaming experience with buttons, analogs, and a bright display.  

The device lets you stream high-quality games from anywhere without worrying about downloads, updates, and storage. The IPS technology takes your gaming experience to a new level with the seven-inch display. 

One downside here is that the landscape can get messy because of the large number of buttons, analogs, and bright display. However, the device is still ergonomic and lightweight, with a battery that lasts about five hours, making it a great gaming console.

#6 – Asus ROG Ally

Asus ROG Ally

What is nice about this model is its stunning design. The device is made to be ergonomic so you can enjoy a comfortable gaming experience, whether in your hand or on the table. 

This makes it one of the best Windows handhelds on the market today, which you can play comfortably with even for long periods. 

With a seven-inch screen, a 1.20 Hz display, and a Zen 4-based AMD APU, the device is built to give you a powerful gaming experience. On the downside, the device lacks a dedicated user interface, which can come in the way of your performance at the end of the day.

#7 – Ayaneo 2

Ayaneo 2

If you were not happy with something you saw in the Steam Deck you read about above, the best alternative that you can find is the Ayeno 2. 

The latest by the brand, this one comes with a quality build and features that are meant to enhance your gaming experience significantly. Powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 6800 U, this one lets you enjoy more incredible speed here than the Steam Deck. 

What’s more, it has a powerful 5- Whr battery too. Yet with all this, experts suggest that Steam Deck is a better choice. Now deciding which one is for you is up to you.

#8 – Ayaneo Geek

Ayaneo Geek

Here is another one from Ateneo for you to have a look at. While this one has the same processor as the Ayeno device mentioned above, there are some differences that you may find favorable to you.

For one, it is thicker and longer, with thin bezels that make it more stylish than the Ayaneo 2. 

Also, it is a bit more reasonable than the Ayeno 2. The features here are, however, much lesser than the Ayaneo 2, which is expected, because this one comes at a budget and is not as expensive as the Ayaneo 2.

#9 – OneXPlayer 2 – AMD

OneXPlayer 2 – AMD

You can even play your games on the keyboard by detaching the joysticks with it. This way, you will use the console as a laptop for a full-fledged console-like experience. 

The battery here is powerful, and the display, too, is vibrant and clear to give you a good gaming experience on an 8.4-inch screen. 

Experts say that this one is better than both Ayaneo Geek and Ayano 2, though feature-wise, it is pretty similar to the Ayaneo Geek, though not as affordable.

#10 – GPD Win Max 2 2023

GPD Win Max 2 2023

Last on the list is the GPD Win Max 2 2023, one of the latest by the brand, built with some unique features for you. 

The hardware is fast enough to give you a good gaming experience. The device is built with the Intel 12th gen Core i7-1260P or AMD Ryzen 7 6800U for a performance that is relatively decent and makes the device worth adding to this list. 

And then there is the Radeon 680 M graphics that will only add to the experience. Design-wise, this is more like a mini handheld gaming laptop, which you can carry anywhere to enjoy your favorite games.


The right console for you comes with exciting games, essential features, and a design that suits you. 

Buying the right gaming console is not about spending on the most expensive one you can find but choosing the one that best suits your needs and budget, with a good balance between the features and the price. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):-

Below, you will find a concise overview of common inquiries. We hope these FAQs address any questions you may have.

Q1. How can I test a handheld gaming console?

The truth is that there is no way to test them at a spot. However, one way to know which is the right gaming console for you is to read as many reviews as possible, which should not be hard because the internet is brimming with many reliable gaming console reviews. 

Q2. What are some essential features of a handheld gaming console?

A handheld gaming console, to be decent enough, should be portable enough to stuff in your pocket to carry it anywhere without a second thought. The rest depends on the type of gamer you are and the kind of games you like to play, as these can decide on the best gaming console for you to buy and use. 

Q3. Can’t I just play games on my phone?

Of course, you can, but then there is the fact that you don’t get the unique gaming libraries that come with a handheld gaming console. If that is too much and all you want is a few games to kill time with when free, go ahead and play on your phone. 

Q4. Which is the best handheld gaming console for kids?

For kids, the Nintendo Switch as this one comes with a more family-friendly gaming library, so your child can happily play with mummy and daddy. There are also parental control settings which makes it additionally favourable to parents concerned about their kids.

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